Road to Transformation: Journey to God's Glory

by Rhonda Barnes (Author)
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If you are a destiny driven individual, you are on a road journeying somewhere. The question is, "Do you know where?" In God's divine design, He looked down through time and specifically created you to be alive on this earth at this time. You can be sure that He has an explicit purpose in mind for your life. Your destiny in not just about a place, it is about the process and the journey. God wants to utilize the experiences of your life to transform you from glory to glory. At times you can see a literal road as a picture of the journey to transformation. If you travel long enough, you will realize that it is not sunny skies and straight roads forever. It is inevitable that you will eventually travel through some storms, face delays and detours, and need some course correction. The good news is that you do not have to travel this road alone! A personal relationship with your Lord and Saviour will provide the sustaining grace required for your trip. You can learn from experience that His presence is greater than your pressure, and His blessings are stronger than your battles! If you have become comfortable in your spiritual walk, you may not be seeking transformation. The spiritual truths that are shared in this book will challenge you to seek something greater. You will be motivated to jump into the fast lane and drive forward until your present reality and your destiny collide!

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November 27, 2014
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