Success In The Barbeque Eatery

Success In The Barbeque Eatery

by Vincent Gabriel (Author)
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The Barbeque Eatery is the institution that the locals find as the defining mark of the expatriate Australian and American communities in their own country.

If there is one expatriate, he sends home letters and postcards. If there are two expatriates they set up a Sunday service. If there are three expatriates then after the worship service, they set up the barbeque.

In a way the Barbeque represents the stage when the expats consider the foreign country no more foreign than their home.

They have been accepted by the local community and they can gather to enjoy themselves in a way that is special to them.

This book takes the approach of expats introducing the barbeque to the locals. Many local communities have the barbeque but none has developed such a rich food culture related to the barbeque.

The food culture would be less rich if not for the addition of the barbeque and the social life that grows around as locals and the expats mingle over good food.

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