Muffaletta Recipes: 7 Amazing Muffalata Recipes

by Ginger Wood (Author)
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Inside this "Nourishing Journey" you will discover 7 ways and 7 amazing Muffaletta recipes that will boost your vitality & health much more than eating a traditional burger sandwich! The recipes are all newbie friendly and uncomplicated so that even a new cook or chef can get the health benefits out of these delicious Muffaletta recipes. These are the type of recipes that you want to have in store for yourself and your family because all these recipes deliver how to prepare original Italian Muffaletta recipes the right way - which is the New Orleans way because the original Muffaletta sandwiches originated in New Orleans in the year of 1906. Inside this book you will discover all the aspects that you need to know about Muffaletta sandwiches & my 7 most amazing recipes that are proven & tested by my family and friends. I have enven included one guy approved caveman Muffuletta recipe that guys enjoy while watching a game! These recipes should give you enough ideas to get started..

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August 30, 2014
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