His Secret is Out: Blackmail Never Felt So Good

by Howie Hayes (Author)
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Robert keeps his nasty, little desires locked up in the closet as much as he can, but more and more, he finds himself sneaking away to the upstairs play area of the theater where he allows himself to indulge in his fantasies. Naked and kneeling in front of the glory hole, he begins his afternoon adventures with one young man and they just keep coming from there. When he's seen leaving the theater, known for its illicit activities, he knows that there will be a price to pay. His son-in-law will take advantage of him any way that he can, including blackmail, to keep Robert's other life to himself. When the young man confronts him, will Robert be able to ignore the temptation or will he enjoy every minute of being at the handsome man's mercy? This book contains hot MM action, oral, anal, forced bi and group sex. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Get it Now and Enjoy!

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Publication Date
September 14, 2014
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