Paradise Court

by J.S. Fletcher (Author)

Mr. Rivington is tall, slender and willowy; Mr. Wells is stoutly built and looks as if nothing could break him. Mr. Rivington is a dreamer who loves art and can pursue his cultured interests thanks to the inheritance his uncle has left him; Mr. Wells is philosophic in a dry-humoured fashion and works in Foreign Service. But despite their differences these two young gentlemen are great friends.
When they meet on a spring day in 1906, after Mr. Wells's 3 years absence from the country, they have no reason to suspect that their leisurely evening will soon entangle them in a series of mysterious events. But one enigmatic letter and the sudden disappearance of a young and beautiful lady, Yvette de St. Evreux, for whom Mr Rivington has secret feelings, change everything.
Mr Rivington will do anything to solve the mystery and find his sweetheart, and Mr Wells will not abandon his friend in need.

' Rivington went with his visitors to the outer door. Coming back, he took Wells by the arm.
"Dogger!?? he said, "are you going in with me in this-right through???
"Right through, Daubs,?? answered Wells. "As far as ever it goes.??'

And so their venture begins...

Paradise Court, first published in 1930, is a classic mystery novel full of entertaining characters, humour and adventures that happen between London and Paris.

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October 08, 2013