Going Foreign

by Barry Pickthall (Author)

Many reasonably experienced coastal sailors (and motorboaters) find the
prospect of sailing their boat to the continent appealing yet daunting.
There are so many additional aspects that all need to be taken into
account and complied with that it can seem a forbidding prospect. This
highly illustrated, accessible and user friendly book takes the boater
though all the appropriate aspects in a hand-holding fashion, to dispel
the mystique, and present the undertaking as one that is eminently
achievable by anyone with basic boat-handling skills and navigational

covered : Navigation, Tides, Planning, Crew briefing, Safety
information, Man Overboard drills, Obtaining weather information,
Watchkeeping, Provisioning, Engine checks, Bureaucracy and form filling
and much more.

With this book to hand, both skipper and crew
will be well prepared to tackle all aspects of taking their own boat to
foreign waters for what should be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding

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Publication Date
September 14, 2013
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