Snow Falling on Bluegrass

by Molly Harper (Author)
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Parks & Recreation meets The Blue Collar Comedy Tour in this third ebook in Molly Harper?s Bluegrass series of contemporary romances: A love triangle of colleagues heats up the winter lodge where they get snowed in for a week.

Kentucky Tourism Commission employee and executive assistant extraordinaire Kelsey is known around the office for having everything under control. So it?s not surprising that she and her boss, Sadie, have everything planned to the second for the office winter retreat. But there are things even Kelsey can?t micromanage.

An unprecedented snowstorm smothers half of Kentucky and knocks out the power, closes the roads, and generally shuts down the state. Luckily, the lodge has working fireplaces and enough food to keep the staff from turning on each other like something out of The Shining. Kelsey wouldn?t mind being stuck inside if it wasn?t for the tension with her not-so-secret crush, Charlie, the office?s statistician. But handsome Ranger Luke, the lodge?s only employee on hand, is there to take Kelsey?s mind off her discomfort.

Even though this weekend is supposed to be a planning session for KTC, Kelsey can?t help her mind from wandering and finds herself conflicted over Luke and Charlie. Someone?s love will keep her warm, but whose will it be?

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September 22, 2014
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