Worked Over: Internal Massage: Rich Girl Problems Book 1

by Rita Rojas (Author)
unlimited loans, One at a time

Stacy Chilton has rich girl problems; a spoiled daddy's girl who is young, hot, and bored. Stacy is tired of the local bar scene and looking for something different. But is Stacy really ready to venture out of her comfort zone? Stacy meets James who is an older, handsome, confident alpha male. James is nothing like the boys she has easily manipulated in the past and Stacy is flustered yet stimulated by James authority. Verbal foreplay keeps Stacy on her toes and she can't stop thinking about him after their first encounter. But what about their age difference? Is she ready to take things to the next level? Stacy meets up with James the next day and winds up at his place, in his arms and in his bed. James is an experienced and attentive lover who focuses on every inch of Stacy, inside and out. Is Stacy Will Stacy be able to physically and mentally keep up with James? Find out! This story contains hot, straight, guy on girl sex. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

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Publication Date
August 04, 2014
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