Teen Money 101

de Stacia Llc Morris (Auteur)

Teen Money 101, a timely educational book on teen financing and money management. A compelling, teen friendly, informative book, Teen Money 101 teaches practical every day money management skills to young people in a manner that is easy to understand and at the same time very engaging.

Teen Money 101 was written by Stacia Morris, a former IBM employee, financial advisor, youth volunteer and motivational speaker. Focus groups were conducted with the George Washington Carver Center (Norwalk, CT) and Turn of the River Middle School (Stamford, CT), while developing the methodology for the book. Many of the ideas of the teens were incorporated into the book to ensure that it would be teen friendly.

The feedback from the book has been very strong, since Teen Money 101 is formatted in a "Lights, Camera, Action" format where the "Lights" section introduces new terms, the "Camera" section tells the humorous stories of teen siblings and how they handle money, and the "Action" section provides an activity to reinforce and put into effect the concepts just learned.

We know that teenagers today are not taught about money in a structured way. Based on the current world economic crises; we believe that this is a unique time to teach our teens about money and finances, so that the next generation can be more prepared than previous ones. Teen Money 101 is an ideal book for our times and is intended for students age 13-18 (middle and high school students).

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21 février 2013
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