Garden Styles: Introduction to 25 Garden Styles: Gardening Basics for Beginners Series

by Nina Greene (Author)
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Garden Styles: Introduction to 25 Garden Designs & Styles offers a general overview of 25 unique iconic garden styles. In this fully illustrated guide, the author defines and explains common style choices that will satisfy the esthetic preferences of a wide range of tastes. Regional and maintenance issues such as soil quality, temperature, and weather conditions are considered and explained. In each chapter, a photograph of a particular type of garden style beckons inspiration from every page! If you are confused, perplexed and overwhelmed at the thought of selecting one specific gardening style to cultivate, this detailed, organized and informative guide will help you sift through a wide range of beautiful and popular gardening styles to make your final decision an easier one. Garden Styles: Introduction to 25 Garden Designs & Styles is a great starting point for the gardener interested in creating his or her own unique Garden of Eden!

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June 18, 2012
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