Open Design Now: Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive

by Bas van Abel (Author), Lucas Evers (Author), Roel Klaassen (Author), Peter Troxler (Author)
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Open Design Now looks at design in the new networked world. Design is undergoing a revolution thanks to two forces: an emerging networked community that shares digital information about physical products and widespread availability of production tools and facilities. Design is becoming an open discipline, in which ideas are shared and a wide range of products is being renewed in a worldwide collaborative process. Open design empowers anybody and everybody to devise and distribute their own products, as it has happened in graphic design, music and film before. Curated and edited by Premsela Foundation, Creative Commons and Waag Society this book presents essays, case studies and a lexicon of images related to the main topics. "Openness is more than a commercial and cultural issue. It's a matter of survival." - John Thackara How 3D printing is changing design-as-we-know-it The first comprehensive reader on this exciting topic

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May 01, 2014
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