Found Things

de Marilyn Hilton (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, 2 años, Uno a la vez

Experience the wonder of the river in this ?quietly powerful story? (Kirkus Reviews) where family is lost, friends are found, and hope runs in the current.

One morning, River Rose Byrne wakes up talking like nobody else, and she doesn?t know why. Maybe it?s because her beloved older brother, Theron, has abruptly vanished. Maybe it?s because that bully Daniel Bunch won?t leave her alone. Or maybe it has everything to do with the eerily familiar house that her mind explores when she?s asleep, and the mysterious woman who lives there.

River has to puzzle through these mysteries on her own until she makes a strange new friend named Meadow Lark. But when she brings Meadow Lark home and her mother reacts in a way that takes River by surprise, River is more lost than before. Now all that?s left for her to do is make wish after wish?and keep her eyes open for a miracle.

Marilyn Hilton?s haunting debut dives down deep into murky waters brimming with secrets, sorrow, and hope, giving us faith in the things that we seek, but haven?t yet found.

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15 de julio de 2014
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