Unicorn Executions and Other Crazy Stuff My Kids Make Me Draw

de Steve Breen (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, 2 años, Uno a la vez

In this quirky collection of drawings, Steve Breen explores the random (and sometimes horrifying) pleas of his children to draw everything from Jedi-corns to mutant presidents.

Featuring one hundred original color and black-and-white illustrations by the Pulitzer Prizewinning illustrator, Unicorn Executions and Other Crap My Kids Make Me Draw will have kids and parents laughing at the silly and bizarre illustrations Breen?s kids asked him to draw, like:

Betty White punching out a silverback gorilla
Disney princesses in forty years
If humans had T-Rex proportions
Vikings riding gorillas while blasting Metallica
Secret mutant powers of US presidents
And many more unusual requests

Unicorn Executions and Other Crap My Kids Make Me Draw is humorous, fun, witty, and a great gift for anyone looking for a laugh.

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Kim Jong Un (Autor del prefacio)
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6 de mayo de 2014
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