Undercover Tales of World War II

by William B. Breuer (Author)
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Critical acclaim for William B. Breuer
"A first-class historian." --The Wall Street Journal

"A wealth of insights."--Los Angeles Times Book Review

Unexplained Mysteries of World War II
"Anyone interested in twists of fate should find this book fascinating." --Library Journal

Feuding Allies
"A valuable resource . . . highly recommended."--Booklist

* A bloc of hard-core American Nazis carries out elaborate plans to sabotage war efforts and keep the United States neutral.
* A wily Japanese "tailor" single-handedly steals the secrets to the United States Gray Code.
* A French boy and his "blind" music teacher penetrate, in broad daylight, the German forbidden zone at Port-en-Bessein.

Just beneath the surface of the legendary events of World War II lurks a vast, shadowy, high-stakes realm of espionage and intelligence, where the most successful operations are the ones we've never heard about . . . until now. With his trademark blend of dynamic storytelling and meticulous detail, William Breuer reveals seventy clandestine operations that affected the course of the war. Vivid and fast-paced, this far-reaching treasury of vanishing spies, mysterious kidnappings, and bizarre subplots is a unique and riveting addition to the World War II literature.

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March 01, 2000
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