Violet Mackerel's Possible Friend

by Anna Branford (Author), Elanna Allen (Illustrator)
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The charming Violet Mackerel must overcome self-doubt to make a new friend in this fifth illustrated chapter book of a delightful series.

Violet Mackerel hopes and hopes that her new next door neighbor, Rose, might turn out to be a very good friend.

But even after a nice morning at Rose?s house, Violet still has quite a few worrying thoughts. Is she too messy for Rose?s tidy family? Will Rose be disappointed that the ice in Violet?s house comes from a plastic tray instead of a special box with fancy tongs? Will Violet wear the wrong sort of costume to Rose?s flower-themed birthday party? And what if the present Violet brings is a good bit smaller than the other presents?

Luckily a helpful older sister, a big imagination, and a particularly brilliant idea just might turn Violet?s possible very good friend into a definite one.

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May 06, 2014
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