Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China

de Shixin Ivy Zhang (Autor)

Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China investigates Chinese news production and content, as well as the main factors that have caused significant changes to Chinese newspapers over the past three decades. By conducting an in-depth study of a particular leading newspaper group in China, Beijing Youth Daily, Zhang identifies and analyzes essential changes in press structure, news organization, and the role of journalists, thus revealing the relations between the global and local, external and internal influences, the Party-state and the media, and the media and the market. This is the first comprehensive study of news making at both macro and micro levels in China. It provides up-to-date empirical data analysis on the operation and practices of transforming Chinese newspapers; offers a tool to form, clarify, and refine concepts on media globalization and journalism in developing countries like China; and serves as a reference point for policy makers, media practitioners, academics, and students who engage in journalism studies, Chinese studies, media management, and globalization studies.

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2 de abril de 2014
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