Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree

de Buddhadasa (Autor), Santikaro (Editor), Dhammavicayo (Traductor)
Préstamos ilimitados, 2 años, Uno a la vez

Clear and simple teachings on voidness and living an ethical life.

In Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu presents in simple language the philosophy of voidness, or sunnata, that lies at the heart of the Buddhism. By carefully tying voidness to ethical discipline, Buddhadasa provides us clear and open grounds to reflect on the place of the philosophy in our lives. With his ecumenical, stimulating, and enthusiastically engaged approach to reading the Buddha's teaching in full flourish, Ajahn Buddhadasa transforms the jungle of philosophy into a glade as inviting as the one in which he famously taught.

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15 de abril de 2014
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