Pope John Paul II

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From his survival of Nazi-occupied Poland to his joining the priesthood and ascension to the papacy, this account of Pope John Paul II offers unique insight to the man who would be pope with personal stories from not only those who new him from the church, but classmates and friends as well.

Discover the athletic, the political, and most recently, the beatified, Pope John Paul II.

In this ebook you will discover:

  • Personal stories written by friends and classmates, teachers, and fellow clergy

  • An account of his death and details of his funeral as the world mourned, including Cardinal Ratzinger?s emotional homily.

  • Details on the miracle ? chosen out of hundreds attributed to him - that sent on him on the road to sainthood

  • A full update of his life that includes his May 2011 beatification and the rigorous process of sainthood.

  • Discover an athletic Karol Wotjyla, who hiked, biked, skied, and kayaked in his long life

  • His efforts for Poland?s freedom involving Solidarity, the Vatican, the Polish government, the White House, and the Kremlin

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May 16, 2011
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