In the Loop & Up to Speed

by Caroline Taggart (Author)
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The bottom line is this: The workplace is a minefield of business jargon that people exchange on a daily basis, and it can all start to sound like everyone around you is speaking another language. So if you have ever wondered whether you have hit the glass ceiling or if a cubicle monkey will respond to mushroom management, become bogged down in the marzipan layer or are confused about what to do about the elephant in the room, this is the book for you. From indecipherable abbreviations and business terminology to buzzwords, motivational phrases, and more, In the Loop and Up to Speed uncovers the origins and meanings of many useful—and some not so useful—phrases that can be heard in the workplace and in everyday life, such as:


·        level playing field                       touching base

·        reinventing the wheel                 firing on all cylinders

·        brainstorming                            corporate DNA

·        methodology                             keeping your options open

·        raising the bar                           blue-sky thinking


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October 11, 2012
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