Desiring TESOL and International Education: Market Abuse and Exploitation

de Raqib Chowdhury (Autor), Dr. Phan Le Ha (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

This book addresses how Western universities have constructed themselves as global providers of education, and are driven to be globally competitive. It examines how the term 'international' has been exploited by the market in the form of government educational policies and agencies, host institutions, academia and the mass media. The book explores matters relating to the role of the English language in international education in general and the field of TESOL in particular. It demonstrates how English and TESOL have exercised their symbolic power, coupled with the desire for international education, to create convenient identities for international TESOL students. It also discusses the complexity surrounding and informing these students' painful yet sophisticated appropriation of and resistance to the convenient labels they are subjected to.

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22 de enero de 2014
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