Clash Of Clans: Cheats, Tips and Game Guide

by Joseph Joyner (Author)
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Clash of Clans is a strategy game from Supercell. It is all about using combat strategies to protect ones virtual village and also using different tools to build your own village. It is a game that is very popular on mobile devices especially on iPhones, iPads and on android phones. It is one of the best combat strategy games that has been created for mobile. The reason for Clash of Clans success is that it is completely different from the usual strategy games that you may have played before. The bulky and "LEGO" like appearances of the characters attracts novice as well as professional combat players compared to similar-themed games that have detailed character features. This is the only game that will allow you to defend your clan and battle against other players all over the world! This book will help you to learn strategies and tips required to succeed in the game. Legal Disclaimer: Author of the book is not associated with the game or its creators. This is an unofficial guide.

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April 05, 2014
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