by Benjamin Vance (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Adamonde is an ADULT Science Fiction novel about a female alien who is transported to Earth from one of only three inhabited planets in the universe. She has been given unlimited knowledge to assist in saving Earth from a slide into oblivion. She is rescued upon her arrival by a young man who is attempting suicide at the time and together they find healing and eventually deep love.

This is a story about unselfish sentiments, enduring love, murder and treachery. A large Swiss pharmaceutical company hires assassins and attempts to capture or kill Adamonde to attain her unique biological properties for monetary gain. Adamonde and her eventual husband find help in the Mormon Church, with the government of a small Caribbean island, with the World Health Organization and with many others in their quest to simply be left alone to enjoy each other, raise their children and teach earth scientists how to extend life and reduce suffering among the population of Earth.

In their frantic search for peace they stumble across a developing race of alien hybrids on earth who have been propagating and living a secret and comfortable life, thanks to another of Adamonde's kind who came to earth over a hundred years earlier. The two aliens quickly become friends and their families combine to combat a group of killers hired by the pharmaceutical company.

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November 19, 2013
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