The Mating Season

de Alex Brunkhorst (Autor)
52 préstamos, 2 años, Uno a la vez

An enchanting, extraordinarily imaginative novel, The Mating Season tells the story of the romance between two geniuses who have created their own fantastical worlds to cope with the pain of isolation.

Zorka Carpenter lives a life completely devoted to animals. In a glass house on a hill she spends her days absorbed in her menagerie. Enigmatic architect Richard Dorsey has spent his life trying to escape the fame he garnered in his youth. Living in a world of his own construction, he finds solace only in the past.
When these two worlds collide in a magical tryst both Zorka and Richard are challenged to escape their isolated worlds and find connection in the hearts of one another. Astonishingly inventive, Alexandria Brunkhorst's The Mating Season is a dazzling work of the imagination, and a piercing look at the human heart.

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Fecha de publicación
10 de diciembre de 2013