From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen: Global Production and Work in the IT Industry

de Stefanie Hürtgen (Autor), Peter Pawlicki (Autor), Martina Sproll (Autor), Boy Lüthje (Autor)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

This seminal study explores the significant changes in the global IT industry as production has shifted from the developed world to massive sites in the developing world that house hundreds of thousands of workers in appalling low-wage conditions to minimize labor costs. The authors trace the development of the new networks of globalized mass production in the IT industry and the reorganization of work since the 1990s, capturing the systemic nature of an industry-wide restructuring of production and work in the global context. Their wide-ranging and detailed analysis takes the debates on the globalization of production beyond narrow perspectives of determining criteria of “success” for participation in global networks. Rather, they emphasize the changing nature of work, employment relations, and labor policies and their implications for the possibilities of sustainable economic and social development.

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26 de septiembre de 2013
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