Komatke Gold

Komatke Gold

by Benjamin Vance (Author)
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An adventure novel dealing with brutal murders, smuggling, archeological discovery, and a life's validation.

An unsuspecting retired military officer attempts to retrace steps of early manhood by revisiting the venue of his first and only love. He quickly finds himself involved in a series of baffling situations which tax his situational awareness, personal relationships, combat skills, and lead to a reassessment of goals and friendships.

He finds his first love and attempts to rebuild the relationship in spite of the emotional and physical barriers erected to hinder his progress. With the help of wise and astute Native Americans he overcomes the setbacks and begins to revive his true character and ability to love and nurture.

Contemporary themes underscore this Southwestern adventure, which embraces the paramount values of family, close relationships and enduring love.

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September 16, 2013
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