Toleration on Trial

by Ingrid Creppell (Editor), Stephen Macedo (Editor)

Toleration on Trial offers the only multidisciplinary study available on the issue of toleration, in the context of deep and difficult conflicts over ideological, cultural, and identity issues in today's mobilized political environment. The importance of individual attitudes and institutional/cultural arrangements is explored as a central axis in the meaning of toleration as a principle and practically in relation to demands for toleration of religious expression, gay rights, and the Islamic sources of toleration.

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Nathan J. Brown (Collaborator), Richard H. Dees (Collaborator), John Ferejohn (Collaborator), Rainer Forst (Collaborator), Anna Elisabetta Galeotti (Collaborator), James L. Gibson (Collaborator), Russell Hardin (Collaborator), Steven Kelts (Collaborator), George Klosko (Collaborator), Jack Knight (Collaborator), Charles Kurzman (Collaborator), Dimitri Landa (Collaborator), Partap B. Mehta (Collaborator), Emad Shahin (Collaborator), Karen Stenner (Collaborator)
Publication date
February 12, 2008
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