Places and Politics in an Age of Globalization

de Roxann Prazniak (Auteur), Arif Dirlik (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

This unique work opens a field of inquiry around place-based critiques of global capital as it focuses on the interactions between local issues and international financial flows. Framing their discussions around the concept of place-based imagination, the contributors examine such cases as indigenous movements against land degradation, ethnic pluralism and union organizing, ethnic diversity and the challenges of state and capital to cultural identity, and women's networks through non-governmental organizations. This ambitious study will be an invaluable resource and launching point for scholars and students in ethnic and identity studies and will interest all readers exploring the production of place and identification.

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John Brown Childs (Collaborateur), Arturo Escobar (Collaborateur), Jonathan Friedman (Collaborateur), Wendy Harcourt (Collaborateur), Peter Kwong (Collaborateur), Russell C. Leong (Collaborateur), James H. Mittleman (Collaborateur), Elizabeth Rata (Collaborateur), Geoffrey White (Collaborateur), Margaret M. Zamudio (Collaborateur)
Date de publication
7 février 2001
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