Urban Animals: A Comic Field Guide

by Mireille Silcoff (Author)
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You?ve seen them before. They?re in your home, in your office, on the street. You?ve encountered them at some fine and not-so-fine establishments. They?re the new urban animals, and now they?ve been classified. You know you?ve met Every Mother?s Worse Nightmare (So what if it says Pussy? on the front, Mom? There?s a picture of a cat under the word?) and The Simpsons Quoter (Natural habitat: His own private Springfield, no further description necessary). From That Young Literary Guy, who has just published a novel, half of which is comprised of footnotes, to The Condescending Vegetarian, who misses the nineties, when it was more acceptable to call a hamburger evil just as a dining companion was about to attack one, this book takes a biting look at the creatures that inhabit our everyday urban world laugh-out-loud portraits, with a touch of the tragically comic. Beware, you might find yourself in here.

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February 07, 2012
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