The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting

by Dan Doyle (Author), Deborah Doermann Burch (Author)
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For more than a decade, former basketball coach Dan Doyle has been traveling the country, speaking to student-athletes and their parents about their involvement in and dedication to every sport imaginable. As founder and executive director of the Institute of International Sport at the University of Rhode Island, Doyle has attended his fair share of sporting events and has heard countless stories about confrontations taking place on and off the court between coaches, players, parents, and even fans.

As the years passed, Doyle gathered everything he?d learned and heard and joined forces with Deborah Doermann Burch, a former schoolteacher and parenting expert, to write The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting. Together, they surveyed more than 500 successful sports figures to gain additional insight into what parents can do to guide their children through the competitive, sometimes disheartening?though oftentimes rewarding?world of sports.

In this book, parents will learn how to express themselves in various challenging situations, including learning that their children have been cut from teams; have become victims of team violence, hazing, or bullying; or are not receiving adequate and assumedly deserved playing time.

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August 01, 2013
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