Drug Law Reform in East and Southeast Asia

by Fifa Rahman (Author), Nick Crofts (Author)

Drug Law Reform in East and Southeast Asia is unique because it gathers perspectives from all over Asia into one place, allowing for effective advocacy. Previously, there was no single source of material that can be used by health professionals and others in East and Southeast Asia on drug policy. Neither was there a book that explains recent changes towards harm reduction and treatment modalities to the general public in East and Southeast Asia.

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Marina Mahathir (Introduction author), Mike Trace (Introduction author), Gary Reid (Collaborator), S. S. Lee (Collaborator), David Jacka (Collaborator), Joanne Csete (Collaborator), Kate Dolan (Collaborator), Ana Rodas (Collaborator), Geoff Monaghan (Collaborator), Steve James (Collaborator), Nicole Turner (Collaborator), Mohd Zaman Khan (Collaborator), Priya Mannava (Collaborator), Sasha Zegenhagen (Collaborator), Nick Thomson (Collaborator), Jimmy Dorabjee (Collaborator), Mohamad Firdaus Zakaria (Collaborator), Dean Lewis (Collaborator), Faisal Ibrahim (Collaborator), Don C. Des Jarlais (Collaborator), Jonathan Freelemyer (Collaborator), Heidi Bramson (Collaborator), Holly Hagan (Collaborator), Simon Baldwin (Collaborator), Nicholas Thomson (Collaborator), Rebecca McKetin (Collaborator), Jih-Heng Li (Collaborator), Karyn Kaplan (Collaborator), Pascal Tanguay (Collaborator), Susan Trevaskes (Collaborator), Sarah Biddulph (Collaborator), Marek Chawarski (Collaborator), Richard Schottenfeld (Collaborator), B. Vicknasingam (Collaborator), Thu Vuong (Collaborator), Nick Crofts (Collaborator), Fifa Rahman (Collaborator)
Publication date
August 15, 2013
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