The V-Spot: Healing the 'V'ulnerable Spot from Emotional Abuse

by Joan Lachkar (Author)
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The 'V-Spot' is a term created to describe the most sensitive area of emotional vulnerability that becomes aroused when one partner hits an emotional raw spot in the other. The V Spot is designed to parallel the G-Spot, as the emotional counterpart that can be triggered by a seemingly unimportant event. The V-Spot is comprised of highly charged emotional sensitivities that emanate from raw experiences during infancy and childhood. Getting in contact with the V-Spot is the only way to break away from emotional abuse and begin the healing process. Through Lachkar's book, clinicians and therapists will become acquainted with the V-Spot and recognize the importance of this volatile area of emotional vulnerability.

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December 24, 2007
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