The Technology of Property Rights

de Terry L. Anderson (Éditeur), Peter J. Hill (Éditeur)

The Technology of Property Rights combines the understanding of institutions and institutional change with a discussion of the latest technologies and their influence on the measurement and monitoring of property rights. The contributors analyze specific applications for fisheries, whales, water quality, various pollutants, as well as other pressing environmental issues. No other work brings together an economic understanding of environmental issues with technological expertise in the way this volume does.

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Bruce Yandle (Collaborateur), Clay J. Landry (Collaborateur), Robert B. Naeser (Collaborateur), Mark Griffin Smith (Collaborateur), Barrett P. Walker (Collaborateur), Daniel Huppert (Collaborateur), Gunnar Knapp (Collaborateur), Gregory B. Christainsen (Collaborateur), Brian C. Gothberg (Collaborateur), Anna M. Michalak (Collaborateur), David Gerard (Collaborateur), Timothy J. LeCain (Collaborateur)
Date de publication
6 octobre 2001
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