The Supervillain Field Manual

by King Oblivion (Author), Adam Wallenta (Illustrator)
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With so much good out there, the time is now to take off those henchmen training wheels and become a full-fledged supervillain! With lessons from the founder and overlord of the International Society of Supervillains (ISS), King Oblivion, Ph.D. will craft you step-by-step into a fine-tuned anti-hero.

The Supervillian Field Manual is complete with every strategy the aspiring malevolent overlord needs. You will learn how to:Handle unruly hostages

  • Control your minions
  • Deal with increased notoriety
  • And much more!
It?s time to emerge from your clandestine lair with bad intentions and start exacting the kind of vengeance that only an all-universe supervillain like yourself can handle. So keep honing your rage, fine-tuning your lasers, and remember . . . keep your enemies close, and your Super Friends closer.

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Matt D. Wilson (Other contributor)
Publication Date
June 17, 2013
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