Kennels and Kenneling: A Guide for Hobbyists and Professionals

de Joel M. McMains (Autor)

Everything you need to know to build a palace for your dogs-From drawing up the plans to buying the lumber to sinking the fence posts to nailing the utility hooks to the wall, everything is covered in this comprehensive look at building a home for your best friend. Tips on kennel operations, and how they should shape your plans, help readers choos the design that's right for them and keep their kennels running smoothly once they have been built. There are separate sections on hobby kennels and boarding kennels, with ideas for each type that can be put to good use in both.

Dog World called this book, "A first-rate practical guide for anyone who loves dogs.... It is also a splendid essay on what it means to keep a dog-your own or someone else's."

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5 de mayo de 2008
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