From Mediation to Nation-Building: Third Parties and the Management of Communal Conflict

The volume is unique in both design and some of its entries, and in the mix of practitioners and scholars writing its chapters. Although there are numerous specialized works that treat the individual options, and several volumes explore the utility of these efforts in a single case study, there is currently no equivalent, recent work that treats under one cover the various third party options for influencing and managing the diverse forms of ethnic conflict.

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Mohammad Ashraf (Collaborator), Elham Atashi (Collaborator), Linda Bishai (Collaborator), Mieczyslaw P. Boduszynski (Collaborator), Steven L. Burg (Collaborator), Stephen D. Collins (Collaborator), Neil A. Cruickshank (Collaborator), I. M. Lobo de Souza (Collaborator), David Forsythe (Collaborator), Caroline A. Hartzell (Collaborator), Matthew Hoddie (Collaborator), Daniela Irrera (Collaborator), Dijon Jones (Collaborator), David D. Laitin (Collaborator), Paul T. McCartney (Collaborator), Cdr. Brigid Myers Pavilonis (Collaborator), Victor Peskin (Collaborator), Mateja Peter (Collaborator), James DeShaw Rae (Collaborator), Molly S. Wallace (Collaborator), Sam Whitt (Collaborator), Donald R. Zoufal (Collaborator)
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May 10, 2013
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