The Right One: A Novel

The Right One: A Novel

by Isabella Jd William (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Over the last few years, my life has been a little confusing. I have encountered many men that promised me the world, only to discover their deep dark secrets that really should have been left undiscovered...

In my quest for the perfect man, I discovered that everyone has a secret that eventually comes to the surface. I had to go through several bad relationships, before finding the one that would actually work out for me.

In the end, it was the least expected person who I discovered really did love me and only me. That person opened up my eyes to reality and for that I grateful. You can go through life looking for something you may never find. Or you can open your eyes and find what has always been right there waiting for you.

If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is...Sometimes, real love is in that special friend who has been there through it all. Are you going take a chance? Or just walk away because it may become too hard or too different for you?

This book contains erotic content. Adult readership only.

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January 01, 2013
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