Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes

by Randall E. Secrest (Author)
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A Journey to Forever'

A superb age, one hundred and twenty, the time will arrive to step off the cliff and 'go home.' Go home to be with 'Eternity,' everything the Creator has promised, everything!!!

A young man wondered what the meaning of life meant? What his parent's feelings truly meant? And, honestly, where his life would lead? Growing up through high school and fortunately through college and finally to a life headed for the coast... to find Scottsdale, Arizona, to be a perfect city for an architectural sculptor! A fascinating life led to twenty years creating, to friendship and to falling in love... Which in turn led to a traumatic brain injury – what is next?

'ETERNAL ECHOES A Journey to Forever,' now is a true lesson, to share life's journey, written to give wisdom. The beautiful former Vogue cover model suggested it was time to 'go our separate ways.'

This book is telling, the writing style is being commended, being continued and protecting the upcoming movie.

Understand the new chapter, understand the beginning, understand the thrill...

Life Is A Gas...

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February 21, 2013
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