Beautiful Sin of the Last Bride

by Emely Batin-Orillos (Author)
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Deeply human,brutally bruising, shockingly uncompromising yet the collection of short stories in the book is unified by the universal theme of divine love and mercy upon the most grave and wicked of mortal sinners.Each story depicts how people live their lives in the dictates of reason or emotion but always with the sweet seduction of original sin. The biblical myth of the last daughter of Eve resurfaces in the Book of Prologue to reconcile faith and science situating human redemption in causality and the negation of this principle, God being a constant power with no origin. This spiritual argument takes off from the seduction of recent radical scientific discovery of the Neutrinos particles travelling much faster than the speed of light. The Seven Beautiful Sins are told by a speaker biblically destined to help save the world from eternal damnation yet born with her twin, the serpent of creation which makes her the first and original mortal sinner. And this raises the excitement of the grand story of salvation as the Second Coming is inevitable and its signs appearing in more ways than one.

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September 13, 2021
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