A Higher Calling

by Scott Petznick (Author)
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This devotional book for teachers tackles many of the issues and struggles educators face today.

Scott Petznick draws on twenty-one years of experience as an elementary school teacher to share stories, lessons learned, and faith-based observations that challenge you to look at the teaching profession in a new way.

As you read, you’ll consider questions such as:

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
How do you feel about teaching now versus when you started?
Do you really want to continue as a teacher?
What does it mean to give a student a blank slate?

While meant for teachers, this book is a great resource for parents, mentors, or anyone with youngsters or young adults in their life. The lessons can be applied to whatever occupation you have to find meaning and thrive.

Consider big questions and re-evaluate why and how you teach—or why you do whatever you do. By looking at your occupation with a new perspective, you’ll be inspired to do an even better job … or decide to move on.

Publication date
September 16, 2021
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