Cosmic Proverbs

by Pietro di Vietri (Author)
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Proverbs are short wise sentences common to humankind. Their origins can be traced to China, India, Babylon, or Persia. Their brevity makes them easy to remember and, as with jokes, they adapt to different languages and travel across continents.
In a collection to be utilized as inspiration, meditation or entertainment, Pietro di Vietri shares original proverbs penned in different parts of the world. Each represent a eureka moment in his life experiences. His writings touch on a variety of subjects and themes including the cosmos  where: A black hole can have lucid laws; Biology is past history not destiny; We don’t see what protects us or hear the rays that damage us; The true hero does not defeat others but instead triumphs over his own passions and false beliefs; and, The explorer is not surprised by the unknown but ready to adapt and change his being.
Cosmic Proverbs is a collection of writings providing insight into one man’s wisdom and vision about the future ever-changing world around us.

Publication date
September 16, 2021
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