Mysterious Ways

by Timothy Roach (Author)
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A Methodist minister, the Reverend Thornton Dixon Adams’ career has spanned sixty-five years. Like his grandfather before him, he has served many ministries in North Carolina. Mysterious Ways, by author Timothy Roach, shares the story of this man born on the eve of the Great Depression.

This memoir chronicles how Adams knew painful personal loss as a child, struggled with family hardship in the difficult times of the thirties, and how after a brief time in college at Duke, he enlisted in the Army to serve his country during World War II.

Mysterious Ways tells how Adams’ experiences have inspired many as he has generously served those in his community with a spirit of dedication and ever-present good humor. From bee keeping to bread-making, from square dancing to dress designing, from military-service to the Ministry, his life has been a long journey of curiosity and caring. This rendering shares a candid, humorous, and occasionally heartbreaking story of personal trial and ultimate triumph during a century that provided challenges to him, his family, and to the nation he loves; and along the way, the wisdom of Dixon’s positive attitude, wholesome values and their relevance to today.

Publication date
September 14, 2021
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