No Gentleman

by Mary Christian Payne (Author)
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A woman faces the ecstatic highs and dangerous lows of love. Second in the captivating Thornton Trilogy from the author of No Regrets.

Despite being one of the most likeable women in her home village, Lady Anne Whitfield just can’t seem to find true love. After her engagement to the handsome and charismatic Sloan Thornton comes to an end, Anne suffers a deep depression.

Emerging from self-imposed exile, she moves to London and begins a career in the retail world. She enters into a relationship with a great footballer, which does not end happily.

Feeling confused and rejected, she marries on the rebound. While her husband, Frank DeLuca, a self-made man, appears to be a gentleman, she quickly learns that he is not what he seems.

Mary Christian Payne takes the reader on a poignant journey inside the life of a woman who lives with a domineering and dangerous man. With determination and mettle, Anne struggles to come to terms with her situation. This is an enthralling story of seduction, survival, and the scars that a wedding ring can leave behind.

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Publication date
September 21, 2021
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