The Happy Mind

by Kevin Horsley (Author), Louis Fourie (Author)
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Don’t waste another day feeling unfulfilled—a guide to mastering the habits of happiness by the Wall Street Journal-bestselling author of Unlimited Memory.

Happiness is more than just a feeling—it’s a learned skill. When you master the habits of happiness, your life will be filled with more peace, purpose, and passion. The answers lie within the depths of your mind. The Happy Mind offers valuable insights for building lasting happiness instead of being driven by short-term pleasure seeking.

When you look at all the scientific research, religious teachings, and philosophical insights surrounding the topic of happiness, one thing becomes clear: We all experience happiness differently. What makes one person happy may make another miserable. This book is about customizing your happiness—and finding your own unique roadmap. You’ll learn:
  • How people search for happiness in all the wrong places, and how you can avoid these “happiness traps” that keep you stuck and unfulfilled
  • Why most people mistake pleasure for happiness, and how this simple mistake causes you to lose sight of what really matters to you
  • The nine common qualities that super happy people share (and how you can apply them to brighten up your life)
  • The key traits of unhappiness (and the most important behaviors you should avoid)
  • Easy changes you can make that will create more long-term happiness for you and your loved ones

Publication date
September 21, 2021
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