Lexical Processing in Second Language Learners: Papers and Perspectives in Honour of Paul Meara

de Tess Fitzpatrick (Editeur), Dr. Andy Barfield (Editeur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

This book presents studies from authors at the cutting edge of second language vocabulary research, whose output represents much of the current focus and direction of work in this area. The authors address various aspects of L2 lexical processing and explore different models of acquisition, processing and storage. The studies are linked by the fact that the authors have all belonged to the same dynamic and influential vocabulary acquisition research group led by Paul Meara. Alison Wray provides an overview of how Meara has led this group's research activities in an innovative PhD programme, and John Read and Paul Nation contribute a critical evaluation of Meara's wide-ranging contributions to the field of vocabulary acquisition research. The research studies presented here are relevant and replicable, offering researchers and teachers many valuable and critical insights into lexical processing in second language learners.

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Date de Publication
20 mai 2009
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