The Actualization of Self Transcendence

by Patrick Mooney (Author)
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Sadly, western civilization has seemingly lost its sense of Christian identity and heritage. In recent decades, humanity has become so indoctrinated by the atheistic paradigm that our matrix is controlled by corporate greed and competition rather than cooperation and compassion.

While reflecting on a world that is ever changing, Patrick Mooney shares essays that explore the effect of atheism on a variety of topics that include sexuality, the most binary aspect of humanity that is love, the courage of conviction, endowments and the elite as it relates to education, the reality of death, an inner-city Dublin schoolmistress, and much more. Throughout his writings, Mooney reminds us that although the modern world has brought us to a moral impasse, it is possible to adopt the spirituality that Christ preached, embrace our destiny to be spiritual, and refine our higher selves to search for and find meaning and divine purpose in our lives.

The Actualization of Self-Transcendence is a collection of personal essays that shares a priest’s candid reflections on the effects of the atheistic paradigm on the modern world.

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September 13, 2021
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