The Holy Spirit of God!

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As a scientist (molecular & cellular biologist), priest, and theologian, when writing or speaking about things of God, Dr. Sydney Ugwunna avoids speculations, human opinions, suggestions, and imaginations. God and everything about Him are real, and any discussions about Him must be based on facts. So is this book -- “THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD!” WHO IS HE? HIS FUNCTIONS. The discussions herein are not based on speculations, opinions, suggestions, and imaginations. To find the truth in any scientific investigation, a scientist must experiment (investigate) patiently, repeatedly, and carefully. He or she then carries out a thorough observation for results. The scientist never gets satisfied until he or she is sure that what has been discovered is the truth. This is how Dr. Sydney Ugwunna does theology -- his reliable sources of information are the Scriptures -- what God the Father and God the Son have told us about God the Spirit (the Holy Spirit). Dr. Ugwunna also pays attention to what the Eyewitnesses and the astute theologians in the Scriptures, such as Paul and others, say. Many of Dr. Sydney Ugwunna’s books are widely read and appreciated by Christians in England, the U.S.A., Nigeria. and other places. You may like this book too -- “THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.” Why not give it a try?

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September 14, 2021
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