The Idea System

by Carol Nissen (Author)
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As parents, educators, and caregivers, we want to see our children have successful days. But what happens when we see them getting stuck in defeat, frustration, and overwhelm when they come up against difficulties? Each day, problems and overwhelming situations can arise. An unkind comment, difficulty understanding an assignment at school, an argument with a friend, can influence children to feel stuck or defeated. What if there was a way you could work with your child to find confidence and freedom in their relationships and responsibilities? This book outlines a simple process, The IDEA System, that guides children through situations and circumstances that come up in their day. Through this book, you will partner with your child as they learn how to get unstuck, giving them victory in their lives and health. You will find ways to use my signature system, known as the IDEA System, to work alongside your child/children to help them experience victory over the situations that tend to bring them to a place of feeling out of their element. There are 'work it out exercise' sections that you and your child will be able to use as practice for each step of the system. There are also journal pages your child can use, with your guidance as needed, as they learn to work the system in their daily life. You will also find a resource section at the back of the book you can use as needed for further help. Let's help our children have successful days!

Publication date
August 01, 2021