Our Battle With Satan's Sidekick

by Pam Mandel (Author), Karen Pena (Author), Julie Sneeden (Illustrator)
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Who is stronger God or Satan? Can good and evil reside together? Bottom line: What do you do when real evil comes into your life straight out of the gates of Hell? How does a Christian co-exist in the same house with a devout devil worshiper with both of them holding their ground? Read how the day to day, minute to minute fight between good and evil plays out in a demon infested environment with casualties on both sides.

Learn the dirty little secrets of how a devil worshiper uses demons and their accomplices to manipulate and destroy lives. Experience the demonic hauntings, brutal attacks, and deadly illnesses that two sisters face while fighting this evil to the bitter end.

In this chilling new sequel to the The Hauntings of Two Sisters: Shocking True Life Experiences, these two sisters being women of faith with spiritual gifts deal with this shocking situation. One sister in the trenches while the other fights to give her support from near and afar.

Once again you may find yourself sleeping with the lights on and listening to every little sound!

Inspired by true events.

Publication date
July 20, 2021
File size
72 MB