Panic in the Jungle

by Lena Lee (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Sierra McAllister and her best friends set out on a much-needed vacation to the Caribbean. Sierra hasn’t been on vacation in over five years so looks forward to girl time without her husband. The women board the plane, and their relaxing journey begins—except things are not very relaxing.

Their flight is purposely rerouted and lasts much longer than it should. When they land, although the suspicious flight attendant says they’re in Aruba, Sierra and her friends find themselves stranded in Brazil. At the airport, men with guns force the women into a car and threaten to kill them. They have been kidnapped, and it was all planned.

With their families panicked at home, Sierra and the others are sold into the dark world of human trafficking. Their only way to escape is through the jungle, so they leave one danger behind to face another. Sierra knows fear will weaken them. They must stay calm and pray. Not only will their faith kick in, but these four friends will also discover the lengths they’re willing to take to survive.

Publication date
September 10, 2021
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