December 4: Fuckin’ around the Christmas tree – An Erotic Christmas Calendar

by Elise Storm (Author), Emma Ericson (Translator)
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"He forgot that they were just a short distance from a well-traveled hiking trail, kissing her hungrily. She pulled down her own pants, turned and leaned forward, grabbing a tree with both hands."

Fred and Anna have been together for thirteen years. They are approaching fifty and their relationship is a good one, but they are both missing something; they have lost their spark and imagination. But one Saturday in early December, while hiking among snow-covered fir trees on the Sörmland trail, Fred gets an impulse that sparks a new phase in their relationship. And with the help of a very special advent calendar, they begin to explore a new dynamic, which turns out to be just the piece of the puzzle that has been missing.

Elise Storm is the pseudonym of an author who, in addition to writing novels, also embarks on erotic adventures in search of love beyond the borders. With elements of BDSM, flirtation and various kinds of kinky sex, she fills her novels with pleasure. Always with a twinkle in her eye and an open mind to the exciting encounters life has to offer.
With the short stories Granriset and Luciatåget, she wants to show how just a bit of imagination and a really naughty Christmas calendar can make the cold December a very hot month.

Publication date
September 23, 2021